At Tiki Room Aviaries we raise Congo African Grey Parrots.  Please check our  availability page to see our
current babies.

The African Grey Parrot is a wonderful and highly intelligent bird. They are loving, playful, have the
intelligence level of up to a five-year old with the temperament of a two-year old.  Many grow to be
extremely sweet and affectionate toward their owners, and the species is known for being rather sociable.  
African Grey parrots are known as the "Einstein's" of the parrot world because of their incredible talking
ability. Because of their ability to use their vocabulary at quite appropriate times, African Grey Parrots are
universally considered the best talking parrots! They can mimic quite a variety of accents and sounds. They
have the ability to sing and have an excellent repertoire of whistles.

Congo greys are various shades of grey over most of their body (wings being a bit darker grey), with a
brilliant crimson-red tail that is generally only a few inches long.  They can grow to 12-14 inches in length
and weigh around a pound or so.

Specialized pelleted diets are highly recommended and should consist of 60–70% of the diet; use fortified
seeds in moderation, fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, and beans
(see our Healthy Bird Mash). Treats  
may be given in small amounts especially as rewards for good behavior. Fresh clean water must be
provided every day.

An African Grey cage must accommodate a medium parrot. Provide the largest bird cage possible. An
African Grey must be able to fully extend its wings without touching the sides of the cage. They must also be
able to move freely between two perches. A playpen is ideal for playtime outside of the cage. It is a basically
a large, free-standing perch with food and water bowls, and places to hang toys from. Commercially made
parrot playpens usually have a tray under them as well, to catch anything dropped to the floor. Playthings
can be such things as climbing ropes, chains, bells, parrot swings and wooden or other bird toys.
Destructable toys are good because they are "interactive" so help relieve boredom, yet non-destructable
toys will last longer.

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